iReporter in San Francisco

Great stay in San Francisco, learning about how to use social media in journalism.

Monday started with visit to Wikimedia Foundation, listening to Jay Walsh & Moka Pantages. They´ve just moved to a new office, straight across a huge building that used to be filled up with Bell Company-people , now empty. Symbolic.

Group of Norwegian journalists visiting San Francisco/Silicon Valley to look, listen, learn - and pose... (Photo: oddrun@oddrun.com)

Nice & clever people. Idealistic, not flashing power and money, depending on lots of dedicated contributors all over the world – in running the business, with both money and information.

Focusing on India and Africa, making information available for more people. Been so busy running and developing the company, they haven´t spent much time on working with strategy. They just started , deadline summer 2010. Good luck!

Tuesday was filled up with Seesmic in SF, then Qik in Redwood City and ended up at YouTube in San Bruno.

Interesting and inspirational. I definitly will start experimenting on the net, with videos – and streaming – from different happenings. Not homevideos;-)

If you want to read more about our trip, check this link – mostly in Norwegian – but that shouldn´t be any problem, or..? Trond Eide has blogged from our meeting with founder & CEO, Loic Le Meur at Seesmic.

Wednesday we went off to Stanford Univeristy in Palo Alto; about 45 minutes drive from San Francisco. Swedish Dr. David Nordfors talked about Innovation Journalism, and said Norwegians are missed in the work. Why doesn´t NTNU in Trondheim have cooperation with Stanford in innovation? Larry Liefer was another guy with thoughts worth listening to or reading.

The day ended at Innovasjon Norge in 20 California Street. Svein-Egil Nielsen and Veslemøy Barnes are ready to welcome Norwegian businesses and entrepreneurs that want to check out the possibilities of getting partners, investors and getting into the markets in US.

Read more on the blogs from the two guys who cleverly made the programme and made sure the whole week went perfect; Tord Selmer-Nedrelid and Frank Barth-Nielsen.


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