Smart guys creates what they miss

The founder and CEO of www.fwix.com
Darian Shirazi - the founder and CEO of http://www.fwix.com (Photo: oddrun@oddrun.com)

– It all started while I and a friend was travelling in Europe. Sitting on a train from Budapest to Zagreb I was missing home, thinking if something new had happened while I´d been away. I was googling on my cellphone, but didn´t find anything interesting from my homearea that had manage to got on the top news. I texted mum, who filled me in with the hyperlocal news. Messages after messages, and that´s when I realized I was missing something – and it gave me a great idea, says Darian Shirazi.

Working & living

He was introduced to the Internet from his father when he was 14. Turning 23 years 23.December he can brag about having built up and running a fast growing business, giving work to 14 people around the same age as himself. Renting offices in the middle of San Francisco, living in the same building as he works. God knows how many working hours, but he seems to enjoy beeing in that position. He talks fast, not bragging at all, just facts, and looks like any young guy in the city. But he has this “drive” entrepreneurs need, the belief in creating solutions. 13 months ago he started Fwix.com

“A local news site designed to show you the most recent and relevant information in your area. Our mission is to provide people with the best possible news and the tools necessary to spread this news to the people they care about.”

– Many newspaper dies – also the biggest and best ones. Earlier there were columns about everything; food, travels, restaurants etc. Now they´re gone, but there are more and more bloggers. Many used to be professional journalists who lost their jobs. They love writing, and continue doing that even if they don´t earn money. Some do earn big money, like a journalist in New York having 200.000 uniqe readers, but that´s rare, he admits.

His invention is: A technology designed to filter and select news stories that are locally relevant. To accomplish this task, they use a wide array of technologies.

Their goal is to develop software that enhances user experience by finding high quality local content. For their data processing, they decided to use the disco project which allows them to quickly process log files, data, and other useful information to present relevant content.

Strong opinions

– Some people calls Twitter the new system of journalism. I would say the bunch of tweets is about events. Do you want journalism, you have to read blogs. We´re better than Google news in breaking news, he says.

They´re so good and up in front that even UPI has his logo “nicely integrated on their site”. Take a  look and see if you can find it! Not easy, but I guess it´s a real brand of quality getting a spot on UPI´s frontpage – and even getting paid for it.

When it comes to money he thinks it will take two – three years, at least, before they can say it´s a economic succes or not. – We learn from our mistake.

If you´re not embarrassed of your product, you´re launching too late!” (Jeff Weiner, founder of Linkdin)

– Want the museumfeeling? Read a newspaper!

– Do you ever read newsPAPER?

– Oh yeah, when I´m in Paris visiting my cousin, I always buy The Telegraph, spending like four hours at a café, reading. It gives me the “I went to the museum”- feeling, he says and give a big smile before leaving the room – to the next appointment. For sure, he´s a guy smart enough to get what he needs – or create it himself. Good luck!


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