People I met in San Francisco

San Francisco wasn´t as crowded as I was expecting. Everybody talked about the cold weather, but comming from Norway I think it´s just great. Sunshine, a little bit of fog, people in T-shirt, no socks in their shoes or with scarf, coat and boots. I like it!

But who are they, these people in San Francisco? I let you meet some of them.

The old man

He was sitting at the steps watching the enourmous Christmas tree, bathing in the sun. He looked like he had some time, so I asked whether I could take a photo. I like contrasts, and right next to him were a bunch of asian women – maybe with black belt in shopping. I don´t know. I was mostly interested in the old guy. He didn´t mind me taking photos, and of course with my accent he asked me where I come from and the conversation went on.

Stanley at Union Square.(Photo: oddrun@oddrun.com)

– Oh, Norway! My daughter once went to Norway! She was an exchange student.

– With AFS?

– Yes, with AFS. She loved it, but I don´t know where in Norway. She´s now a nurse.

Stanley, 90 years old, parents from Germany & France. Nice guy. I told him to say hi to his daughter, from another ex AFS-student, also a mum for a daughter who stayed at Eugene, Oregon, last year – as an AFS-student. Great and important organization – a contribution to making peace and understanding other cultures.

The photographer

At a corner next to the Union Square I almost run into this tiger, Kenneth McGough, selling photos he´d been taking through a long life – on most continents.

– I don´t like american women. I´ve only had one, he says. Showing me photos of young nude ladies from Russia, Cuba, Guatemala, – and some other countries I forgotten since this happened two days ago and I didn´t make notes. It´s more like artphotos, but since I don´t like nude women on the walls I ended up with totally different motives. An old wringled lady, a cuban man dressed in a red dress, not a suit  – and a black-white photo from China Town in SF in the 1970´s. I think Mr. McGough got a good deal, but maybe it turns out I did a good deal, if he gets out the novel he´s writing and the photos starts selling and the galleries starts asking for more. Anyway, do you want to see more of his stuff, and read what he has been writing, you go to this photomaya.

World wide photographer - selling on the streets. (Photo: oddrun@oddrun.com)

After reading his text and looking at his website, I think I did a good deal. I´m going to frame his work and hang some of them in my office.

The gallerist

– Welcome, come on in!

I love galleries, rather stuffed with art than clothes.. I peeked in at Axelle fine art at Post Street and a nice lady welcomes me in, showing around. Huge selfportait made of Laurent Dauptain, from Paris are filling the walls.

We had a nice talk, and I was satisfied just by looking. Wanting to draw and paint myself – when ever I get time. or do I need to take time…

When I came back to the hotel, I already had gotten a e-mail from Bernadette Mendoza. Great galleri at the Post Street. Take a look while you are in SF.

Happy shoppingladies

Why not make shopping a fun event? These ladies had a great time, to busy talking to others than themselves, but didn´t mind smiling to the photographer.

Tired man goes sleep-shopping

I also met some people I didn´t want to disturb…Sweet dreams? While the lady trying to find something that´ll keep him awake.

The taxi driver

Rafaelo, was a crazy combination of having italien parents and growing up in New York.

– I hate getting stuck in San Fransisco, he roar.

How many says they´re stucked in this great city? I wonder.. It´s the first time I´ve heard that.

– I got rid of my computer. I hated all the pages with bla-bla-bla! Maaaan, it´s so many pages on Internet you can get lost. I pay my bills on Internet, but that´s about it. Newspaper has to be in paper, man!

He´s waving both his hands, the car is almost doing the same moves…and I´m happy when he finally lets me off at Embassy Inn, close to the airport. Before he lets me pay, he´ll have to check out whether my creditcard is good or not; I take a quick photo – and here he is!

These are some of the people I met after shopping pants at the biggest Levis store; to a quarter of the prize in Norway.


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