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Dead bird in a deserted hospital

In the village I come from, Luster, there is a huge building up in the mountain, built in 1902, for people with tuberculosis.

At the end of 1950´s the house was filled with insaen people as they were called at that time. The isolated “nut house” served as a home for old men – and some few women – for around 30 years. New knowledge decided they were better off getting integrated into society…and they shipped them out – back to their “homes” and relatives – that they´d been away from for some decades.

The old building was empty, and falling apart. until the war in Bosnia. 100 men and after some months, their families, moved in – up to the isolated place. After a year they fled from the house. And this bird found his last place to rest.

The building is now falling a part. Do you have 1 Norwegian krone, you can buy it – and get lots of work and worries. It´s a disgreace that a rich country like Norway doesn´t care about our national history. A history that involves lots of our weakest inhabitants.


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