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Reportasje i Bergens Tidende

Journalist i Bergens Tidende, Bjørn Asle Nord, hadde lese bloggen min, og meinte historia til Embynesh fortente større plass og fleire lesarar. Heile familien stilte velvillig opp. Litt uvant å vere intervjuobjekt, men kva gjer ein ikkje for å syne at det ikkje alltid skal så mykje innsats til for å endre liva til folk – på ein positiv måte.

Sorry, to my English speaking friends; lots of Norwegian lately; I´ll try being more international in the future..

To make this short: Journalist Bjørn Asle Nord in the regional paper, Bergens Tidende, read my blog and meant this story deserved a bigger audience; here´s the results. Embynesh from Eritrea got reunited with her family, husband and four sons, after three years apart. Some had manage to flee to Uganda, the oldest son was found in a refugeecamp in Ethiopia. Just small, small, details kept them away from each other. Details I as a Norwegian easily manage to sort out. Happy day when they all got together in my hometown, Sogndal. This article was made exactly a year after they got the answer many refugees are longing for: “yes” from UNE.


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